Minutes of the 2018 AGM

Minutes of Annual General Meeting of  The Confraternity of  Pilgrims to Rome

held on 10 March 2018 at 12.00pm

at St James Church, Piccadilly, London



Item   Who
1. Apologies: Apologies:  William Patterson, William and Bronwyn Marques, Franz Lohman, Vicky Williamson, Mary Kirk


  The Chairman (Brian Mooney) opened the AGM on the stroke of Noon and welcomed and thanked everyone who was in attendance. He began the meeting by reading out the apologies received. BM
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting Agreed as complete and correct BM
3. Presentation of Annual Report Brian Mooney presented the Chairman’s Report for 2017, a copy of which will be posted on the CPR website.


4. Presentation of Accounts Robert White (Treasurer) circulated a copy of the 2017 accounts to all present. Angus Gill, seconded by Robert Gomez, proposed   that the accounts be accepted. The accounts were accepted by the members. RW
5. Election of Steering Group Members Brian Mooney asked for a proposal to re-elect all the current members of the steering committee for a further twelve months. Michael Clarke, seconded by Robert Gomez, proposed that they be re-elected. The proposal was accepted by members. BM
6.CPR badges Jonas Ewe gave a short presentation about the recently produced CPR badges.


7. Julia Peters presented a quick preview of her later presentation on the subject of Technology on the Via Francigena. JP
7. AOB There being no further business to transact Brian closed the meeting at 12.45pm.