The Pilgrim Credential

The credential, also known as the pilgrim passport, or credenziali.

This is a vital document if you wish to stay in pilgrim accommodation and/or obtain the Testimonium.  when you arrive in Rome.

Those who have walked any of the Caminos to Santiago de Compostela will be familiar with the concept. You get a stamp in the “passport” each day (in churches, cathedrals, pilgrim hostels, hotels, restaurants, bars) to prove that you have walked or cycled the route. Unlike the Camino, you do not need two stamps per day over the final 100km.

Much pilgrim accommodation is available only on presentation of the credential. Occasionally this will get a discount in hotels, restaurants and shops.

When you arrive in Rome you present the credential and will be awarded the Testimonium, and get the final Vatican stamp in it.

The French for stamp (in a credential) is tampon (verb – tamponner); in Italian timbro (timbrare).


Where to get a credential:


The Confraternity issues its own pilgrim credential to members which you will receive on joiningThe Confraternity credential is the only one which has sufficient space to get two stamps a day (only one is necessary, but some are large) from Canterbury to Rome, having 164 squares. It comes free with membership, or can be bought for £10 from our online shop.


Pilgrim passports are also available at the information office at Canterbury Cathedral, Kilometre 0 of the Via Francigena.