The Pilgrim Credential

The pilgrim credential (also known as a pilgrim passport or pilgrim record) is a certificate of bona fide pilgrim status, and is normally required if you wish to stay in pilgrim hostels, parish houses or monasteries. It is stamped at the beginning of your journey, and daily at Churches, Town Halls, Tourist Offices, hotels, and bars along the way, and you will present it at the end of your journey in Rome to receive your Testimonium. Pilgrim records are made available only to walkers, cyclists, and pilgrims on horseback. As well as being proof of pilgrim status, it is a cherished memento of the journey.

The Confraternity issues its own pilgrim credential to members which you will receive on joining.

Pilgrim passports are also available at the information office at Canterbury Cathedral, Kilometre 0 of the Via Francigena.