CPR Library

Where is it?

The CPR Library is temporarily unavailable, as it is in the process of being moved. We hope its new home will be in a Canterbury location and accessible to members in the autumn of 2022.

The CSJ also has an online shop (at csj.org.uk)  and holds some guide books on pilgrimage to Rome that can be purchased directly from the CSJ – see website https://www.csj.org.uk/home/shop/


What does the Library contain?

The CPR collection, curated by CSJ librarian Margaret Simonot, consists of around 360 books, and a further collection of pamphlets and newsletter items related to pilgrimage to Rome. They range in content from guidebooks to personal accounts of pilgrimage as well as historical and architectural topics.


How do you find what you’re looking  for?

The Catalogue is available online on the CSJ website https://library.csj.org.uk/

Click on About us, then Library and then Search the catalogue. Items can be searched according to author, title or keyword. Most articles from CPR print newsletters also appear in the catalogue, but for other journals and periodicals you need to look under the journal title or the names of editors and/or bodies responsible.


How can you borrow  books?

The CPR has a separate section within the CSJ Library and any member of the CPR may borrow books.  You can do this either

  • by visiting the Library in person on one of the days when the Office is open, ie Thursdays between 11am and 3pm, or at any other time by prior arrangement with the CSJ Secretary, Freddy Bowen (call either 020 7928 9988 or email office@csj.org.uk). If visiting in person, it is worth checking in advance that the Library and Offices  are indeed staffed that day in case annual leave or other commitments intervene.
  • or by sending a request to the Office who will then liaise with you over postage costs. You should then return the book by post or in person. However, some books may not be sent this way because of the weight.

If  you  borrow in person,  you’ll  find  that  the CPR  books  are  shelved alphabetically by author. CPR  pamphlets, personal accounts and single articles are housed in ring binders on the shelves.


There is a Loans book with instructions in which loans should be noted and a yellow slip completed and placed on the shelf where you took the book from. If you forget to return a book, you will receive a request to do so after  three months.