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We have a small but growing collection of books about the Via Francigena, about Rome itself, about the history of the pilgrimage and also personal accounts. For the time being, the books are kept in part of the library of the Confraternity of Saint James at 27 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NY. The library is open to the public (from 11am to 3pm on Thursdays, and at other times by appointment (phone ahead on 020 7928 9988), though only members of either Confraternity may borrow.

Below is a shelf list of the books currently held in the CPR library, by category:

Via Francigena and Rome guides

Alberti, Alberto et al: I sentieri lungo la Via Francigena.  Rai, Radiotelevisione Italiana, 2005. 285 pp.

Aldstedt, Liv: Take me with you on quiet paths; a portrayal of the pilgrimage from Formia to Rome. 2011. 135 pp.

Ardito, Fabrizio Lungo la Francigena: a piedi sulla via dei Sigerico dal Gran San Bernardo a Roma, Touring Club Italiano, 2007.

Association Chemins d’Assise : Chemin d’Interiorité; guide spirituel sur le chemin d’Assise de Vezelay à Assise. Editions du Signe, 2010. 96 pp.

Baldwin, David: Rome; a Pilgrim’s companion. Catholic Truth Society, 2005. 111 pp.

Baldwin, David: Santiago de Compostela; the way of Saint James.  Catholic Truth Society, 2001. 86 pp.

Barber, A.B.: Pilgrim’s Rome: a Blue Guide Travel Monograph. Somerset books, 2012. 299 pp.

Brett, Peter: Canterbury: Pilgrim Guide. Canterbury Press, 1997.  54 pp.

Caselli, Giovanni: La Via Romea “Cammino di Dio”, oggi nota col nome di “Via Francigena”; The Canterbury to Rome Pilgrims Way. [The Author] 1990. 159 pp.

Chinn, Paul and Gallard, Babette: Walkers’, Cyclists’ and Horse Riders’ Lightfoot Guide to the Via Francigena: Canterbury to the Summit of the Great St Bernard Pass, 1,030 kilometres.  Pilgrimage Publications, 2008. 216 pp.

Chinn, Paul and Gallard, Babette: Walkers’, Cyclists’ and Horse Riders’ Lightfoot Guide to the Via Francigena: Summit of the Great St Bernard Pass to Rome, 942 kilometres.  Pilgrimage Publications, 2008.  221 pp.

Chinn, Paul and Gallard, Babette: Reflections, a Pictorial Pilgrimage: the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome.  Pilgrimage Publications, 2008.  127 pp.

Chinn, Paul and Gallard, Babette: Walkers’, Cyclists’ and Horse Riders’ Lightfoot guide to the Via Francigena; Besançon to Vercelli.  Pilgrimage Publications, 2013. 244 pp.

Chinn, Paul, and Gallard, Babette: Walkers’, Cyclists’ and Horse Riders’ Lightfoot Guide to the Via Francigena 2010 Pilgrimage Publications, 3 vols.

Chinn, Paul & Gallard, Babette: Walkers’, Cyclists’ and Horse Riders’ Lightfoot Guide to the Via Francigena; Canterbury to Besançon. Pilgrimage Publications, 2013.  276 pp.

Chinn, Paul & Gallard, Babette: Walkers’, Cyclists’ and Horse Riders’ Lightfoot Guide to the Via Francigena; Via Domiitia, Arles to Vercelli. Pilgrimage Publications 2010. 234 pp.

Claridge, Amanda: Rome: an archaeological guide. OUP, 1998. 455 pp.

Clark, Trish: Good Night God Bless: guide to convent and monastery accommodation in Europe. Vol 1: Austria, Czech Republic, Italy. Hidden Spring, 2009.  242 pp.

Communauté Artois-Lys: Via Francigena: a cultural route through Europe: Kent – Pas-de-Calais. Departmental Committee for Tourism in the Pas-de-Calais, 2009. 112 pp.

D’Atti, Monica and Cinti, Franco: Guida alla Via Francigena: 900 chilometri a piedi sulle strade del pellegrinaggio verso Roma.Terre di Mezzo, 2006.  203 pp.

Dyson, Stephen L.: Rome: a living portrait of an ancient city. John Hopkins University Press, 2010. 467 pp.

Gallard, Babette: Riding the Roman Way. Pilgrim Publications, 2007. 183 pp.

Gallard, Babette: Walkers’, Cyclists’, and Horse Riders’ Lightfoot Companion to the Via Francigena, Canterbury to St Peter’s. Pilgrimage Publications, 2010. 163 pp.

Grégoire, Jean-Yves: La Via Francigena: sur la trace des pèlerins de Canterbury à Rome.  Editions Ouest-France, 2010. 143 pp.

Luff, S.G.A.: The Christian’s Guide to Rome. Burns & Oates, 1990. 335 pp.

Palladio, Andrea: Palladio’s Rome: a translation of Andrea Palladio’s two guidebooks to Rome by Hart, Vaughan and Hicks, Peter. Yale University Press, 2006.  285 pp.

Raju, Alison: Via Francigena: pilgrim trail from Canterbury to Rome, 1: Canterbury to the Great St Bernard Pass. Cicerone, 2011. 235 pp.

Raju, Alison: Via Francigena; Pilgrim Trail Canterbury to Rome; 2. The Great St. Bernard Pass to Rome. Cicerone, 2014. 328 pp.

Reed, Paul: Walking Arras: a guide to the 1917 Arras battlefields. Pen & Sword Military, 2007. 240 pp.

Roodenburg, Kees: Italien: Franziskaner Wanderweg von Florenz über Assisi nach Rom. Conrad Stein Verlag, 2006. 127 pp.

Seracchioli, Angela Maria: Di qui passó Francesco: 350 chilometri a piedi o in bicicletta tra la Verna, Gubbio, Assisi … fino a Rieti.   Terre di Mezzo, 2006.  163 pp.

Seracchioli, Angela Maria: Di qui passó Francesco: 350 chilometri a piedi tra la Verna, Gubbio, Assisi … fino a Rieti Terre di Mezzo, 2010. 197 pp.

Touring Club Italiano: La Via Francigena: the paths of the pilgrims. Touring Club Italiano, 1995. 79 pp.

Trezzini, Adelaide : La Via Francigena de Sigeric; de Pontarlier au Grand Saint-Bernard. Association Internationale Via Francigena, 2013. 72 pp.

Stonyhurst College: The Good Way: a Handbook for the Stonyhurst Pilgrimage to Rome. 2006, 116 pp.

Vidon, Henry: The Pilgrim’s Guide to Rome. Sheed & Ward, 1975. 217 pp.

Voutaz, Jean-Pierre & Rouyer, Pierre: Discovering the Great Saint Bernard. Trans. from the French original by Alison Raju. Les Editions du Grand Saint-Bernard, 2014 .199 pp.

Pilgrimage to Rome: Historical

Barnes, Timothy D.: Constantine and Eusebius. Harvard University Press, 1981. 458

Birch, Debra J.: Pilgrimage to Rome in the Middle Ages. Boydell & Brewer, 1998. 238 pp.

Bock, Emil and Goebel, Robert: The Catacombs: Pictures from the life of Early Christianity. The Christian Community Press, 1962. 48 pp + 68 plates.

Burnley, Heather: Sigeric’s Journey to Rome.  ECTARC, 2002. 28 pp.

Crawford, Francis: Ave Roma Immortalis: Studies from the Chronicles of Rome. Macmillan, 1928. 617 pp.

Elsner, Jas: Imperial Rome and Christian Triumph. Oxford University Press, 1998. 297 pp.

Eusebius: The History of the Church from Christ to Constantine.   Penguin, 1989. 434 pp.

Eusebius: Life of Constantine. Clarendon Press, 1999. 395 pp.

Flachmann, Peter: “Auch ich in Arkadien!”: auf den Spuren der Italienische Reise (1786-1788) von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  2012 Museum Huelsmann. Pages not numbered

Freeman, Charles: A New History of Early Christianity. Yale University Press, 2011. 377 pp.

Gallico, Sonia: Guide to the excavations of Ostia Antica, with a section about the Renaissance Borgo. Ars Italia Editrice, 2000. 73 pp.

Giradet, Jean-Marc, Jacques, Alain & Duclos, Jean-Luc Letho: Somewhere on the Western Front: Arras, 1914-1918.  Editions Degeorge, 2007. 223 pp.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von: Italienische Reise. C.H. Beck Verlag, 2002. 748 pp.

Hartley, Elizabeth et al: Constantine the Great: York’s Roman Emperor. York Museums Trust, 2006. 280 pp.

Hibbert, Christopher Rome: the Biography of a City. Penguin Books, 1987. 387 pp.

Kessler, Herbert L. and Zacharias, Johanna: Rome 1300: on the path of the pilgrim. Yale University Press ,2000. 237 pp.

Labarge, Margaret Wade: Medieval travellers: the rich and restless.  Phoenix, 2005. 286 pp.

Laurence, Ray: Traveller’s Guide to the Ancient World: Rome in the year 300 CE. David & Charles, 2008. 160 pp.

Liber Pontificalis: The Book of Pontiffs (Liber Pontificalis): the ancient biographies of the first ninety Roman bishops to AD 715. Liverpool University Press, 2000. 147 pp.

Nelson, Howard: The Einsiedeln Itineraries: a pilgrim’s guide to Rome in Charlemagne’s time. Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome, 2013. 97 pp.

Norwich, John Julius: The Popes: a History. Chatto & Windus, 2011. 505 pp.

O’Grady, Desmond: Rome Reshaped: Jubilees 1300-2000. Continuum, 1999. 216 pp.

Opper, Thorsten: Hadrian, Empire and Conflict. British Museum Press, 2008. 256 pp.

Pferdehirt, Barbara: Das Museum für Antike Schiffahrt: ein Forschungsbereich des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums, Verlag des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums, 1995. 72 pp

Schofield, Nicholas: A Roman miscellany: The English in Rome, 1550 – 2000. Gracewing 2002. 202 pp.

Sheldon, Jack & Cave, Nigel: The Battle for Vimy Ridge, 1917. Pen & Sword Military, 2007. 236 pp.

Spier, Jeffrey: Picturing the Bible: the earliest Christian Art. Yale University Press, 2007. 307 pp.

Staccioli, R.A.: Roma, Passato e Presente, con Ricostruzioni. Vision Roma, 2008. 100 pp.

Stephenson, Paul: Constantine: unconquered emperor, Christian victor. Quercus, 2009. 358 pp.

Stevenson, J, ed:. A new Eusebius: documents illustrating the history of the Church to AD 337. SPCK, 1987. 404 pp.

Vauchez, André, ed.: Roma medieval. Editori Latertza, 2006.  385 pp.

Walser, Gerold, ed:. Die Einsiedler Inschriftensammlung und der Pilgerfahrer durch Rom (Codex Einsidlensis 326). Franz Steiner Verlag, 1987. 230 pp.

Walsh, John Evangelist: The bones of St Peter: the fascinating account of the search for the Apostle’s body. Sinag-Tala, 1987. 207 pp.

Webster, Leslie and Brown, Michelle, eds.: The Transformation of the Roman World, AD 400-900. British Museum Press, 1997. 258 pp.

Zweidler, Reinhard: Der Frankenweg – Via Francigena: der mittelalterliche Pilgerweg van Canterbury nach Rom. Theiss, 2003. 159 pp.

Rome: Churches, Architecture, Archaeology

Barberini, Maria Giulia: The Basilica of the Santi Quattro Coronati in Rome. Fratelli Palombi Editori, 1993. 72 pp.

Boyle, Leonard: A Short Guide to St Clement’s, Rome.  Collegio S Clemente, 1989. 80 pp.

Brandenburg, Hugo: Ancient Churches of Rome from the fourth to the seventh century: the dawn of Christian architecture in the west. Brepols, 2005. 336 pp.

Canali, Ferruccio: The Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi. Bonechi. 238 pp.

Carletti, Sandro: Guide to the Catacombs of Priscilla. Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology, 2005. 59 pp.

Carr-Gomm, Sarah: Rome: the best of Rome’s artistic attractions, Museums, Paintings, Applied Arts, Architecture.  Bulfinch Press, 1995. 128 pp.

Ceccherelli, Alberta: Museo delle Mura: Guida. Museum of the Walls: Guide. Electa, 2007. 37 pp.

Colonna, Pierluigi: Le antiche chiese di Roma. Polo Books, 1998. 240 pp.

Della Portela, Ivana: Roma sotterranea. Arsenale Editrice, 2002. 191pp.

Fontanelli, Claudia: San Giminiano: the city with the beautiful towers. Mario Manetti, 1998. 120 pp.

Guidi, Benedetta Cestelli: What to find in the Museums of Rome. SCALA and ATS Italia Editrice, 2007. 192 pp.

Hager, June: Pilgrimage: a Chronicle of Christianity through the Churches of Rome. Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1999. 224 pp.

Krautheimer, Richard: Rome, profile of a city, 312- 1308. Princeton University Press, 2000.  389 pp.

Luciani, Roberto: Santa Maria in Trastevere. Fratelli Palombi Editori, 1993. 63 pp.

Mambrini, Stelvio: La Via Francigena e l’Abbazia del S.S.mo Salvatore al Monte Amiata. (The Abbey), 2010. 50 pp.

Mirabilia Urbis Romae: Mirabilia Urbis Romae; The marvels of Rome, or a Picture of the Golden City.  Bibliobazaar, n.d. 203 pp.

Nicolai, Vincenzo: The Christian Catacombs of Fiocchi; Bisconti, Fabrizio; and Mazzoleni, Danilo Rome: history, decoration, inscriptions. Schnell & Steiner, 2002. 208 pp.

Niesen, Juanita et al (eds): Auf ewige Zeiten: die Geschichte der Konstantin Basilika [Trier]. Evangelische Kirchengemeinde, 2008. 109 pp.

Riccitelli, Patrizia and Limardi, Giammarco: A visit to the Patriarchal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, 2005. 32 pp.

Rinne, Katherine Wentworth: The Waters of Rome: Aqueducts, Fountains and the birth of the Baroque City. Yale University Press, 2010. 262 pp.

Rome, Administration Pontificale de la Basilique Patriarchale : Saint-Paul La Basilique, Saint-Paul Hors-les-Murs. Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2003. 79 pp.

Rome, Ministero per i Beni e le Attivita Culturali, Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma Museo Nazionale Romano: Crypta Balbi. Electa, 2000. 95 pp.

Rome: San Clemente: San Clemente, Roma. Collegio S Clemente, 1992. 32 pp.

Rome: Santa Cecilia:The Basilica of Santa Cecilia in Rome. Edizione d’Arte Marconi, 2007. 48 pp.

Rome, Soprintendenza per i Bene Artistici e Storici di Roma: Le Necropoli Vaticana. Elio de Rosa Editore, 2002. 64 pp.

Rome, Soprintendenza Speciale per il Polo Museale Romano: The Vatican Grottoes. Elio de Rosa Editore, 2002. 128 pp.

Rome, Sovraintendenza ai Beni Culturali: The Capitoline Museums Guide. [The Sovraintendenza] 2006. 221 pp.

Rome, The Venerable English College: The English Hospice in Rome. Gracewing, 2005. 306 pp.

Staikos, K.:The Holy Church of Saint Theodore Tiron on the Palatine Hill.  Kotinos S.A., 2006. 45 pp.

Visser, Margaret: The Geometry of Love: Space, Time, Mystery and Meaning in an Ordinary Church. Kiking, 2000. 322 pp.

Watkin, David: The Roman Forum. Profile Books, 2011. 279 pp.

Personal Accounts

Belloc, Hilaire: The Path to Rome. Thomas Nelson, n.d.  375 pp.

Belloc, Hilaire: The Path to Rome: Kessinger Publishing, 2008. 214 pp.

Burk, Julie A & Tencer, Neville J:  An Italian Odyssey: one couple’s culinary and cultural pilgrimage. Vedera Media, 2010. 273 pp.

Hughes, Gerard W.: In Search of a Way: Two Journeys of Spiritual Discovery. Darton Longmann & Todd, 1986. 174 pp.

Lambert, Christopher: Taking a line for a walk: 1000 miles on foot from Le Havre to Rome. Antique Collectors Club Ltd., 2004. 144 pp.

McCarthy, Phil: Rome alone: a twenty first century pilgrimage.  [Lulu Publishing], 2013. 232 pp.

Marques, William & Bronwyn: Via Francigena Journal: a bicycle journey in three acts from home to Rome, 2005- 2006-2007. In CPR Personal Accounts. 23 pp.

McNaughton, Maureen: Backpacking Grannies. Plenderleith Publications, 2005. 286 pp.

Mooney, Brian: A Long Way for a Pizza: on Foot to Rome. Thorogood, 2012. 256 pp.

Mooney, Brian: The Wrong Way for a Pizza; on Foot from Rome to England. Thorogood, 2013. 219 pp.

Rhodes, Anthony: A Sabine Journey: to Rome in Holy Year. Century, 1987. 196 pp.

Shrady, Nicholas: Sacred Roads: Adventures from the Pilgrimage Trail. Penguin, 2000. 204 pp.

The VF Five: VF Five Pilgrims to Rome: 15th June-13th July 2006. The VF Five, 2006. 131 pp.

Veit Teuten, Janina and Burnley, Heather: Immagini di una Via: riflessioni e immagini lungo il percorso di Sigerico: La via Francigena da Canterbury a Roma per l’anno 2000[The Communes], 205 pp.

Warrender, Alice: An Accidental Jubilee. Stone Trough Books, 2012. 202 pp.


Browne, Peter Francis: Rambling on the Road to Rome. Summersdale, 2001. 333pp.

Crawford, Francis Marion: The Heart of Rome: a Tale of the ‘Lost Water’. Fisher Press, 1992.  290 pp.

Hesp, Anneke: Walking with Chaucer. Totemboek, 2012. 36 pp.

Thubron, Colin: Emperor. Penguin, 1991, 165pp.

Waugh, Evelyn: Helena. Penguin, 1963. 158pp.

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