Virtual Walk from Canterbury to Rome and Back

Feeling sluggish after the season’s festivities? Then why not get out there and put in some miles both for your health as well as to support the Confraternity.  For many of us at this time of year our thoughts turn to the European spring and summer, dreams of walking the Via Francigena even if it might still be months away. So, why not start your preparation and get some walking in by joining us on our first ever virtual team pilgrimage?

Every step you take will get logged and so count towards our team progress as we virtually travel across Kent, through France and over the Great St Bernard Pass in Switzerland, down through northern Italy and through the heat of Tuscany, and finally to Rome. Just enough time there for a quick gelato and then back we go!

Obviously, we won’t be there in person but every mile you walk, or cycle contributes to the target total of 4000kms we have set ourselves, that is  Canterbury to Rome and back, and all in a nine-day period from 13-23 January 2022

To support us you simply need to register and log your mileage during the nine day event.

Sign Up Here

The cost of signing up is £20 – about the cost of a single night’s accommodation on the VF. This will help to support the work of the Confraternity which is entirely sustained by the donations of members.

To give the event an air of authenticity we’re using real images of the route our supporters have sent us over the years. Why not also include some of your own favourites? If you’ve not yet tried the Francigena, then you’ll certainly get a flavour by signing up to the UltraBritain platform.

Along the way we will see some sights of the Via Francigena and visit some lovely towns and villages off the beaten track. We will chat amongst ourselves on our Facebook page and maybe even try out some local food recipes.

We would love your company along the way, to hear your stories and memories, hopes, thoughts and plans for future pilgrimages.

Every mile and kilometre counts, whether you’re cycling to work or taking the dog for a walk, just simply register and log your miles as you go along.

Although we need your steps to count along the way, if you’re not able to walk for us, you can still support us by registering for your virtual credential and following our progress!

We hope this will be a chance for our members all over the globe to join together convivially.

Buon cammino a tutti!