Volunteer Opportunities

The CPR has the current volunteer opportunities available:

To our members and supporters – we need your help!
The Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome is a community run by volunteers, most of whom became involved by wanting to “give something back” after a pilgrimage on the Via Francigena. Now we are currently looking to expand our circle of dedicated and skilled helpers.
Our most urgent needs are in social media and video production.

The Confraternity is looking for volunteers who have some knowledge of photos, videos, or social media to build our profile across a range of platforms. We want someone to work on developing our social media profile. Depending on your experience, interests, and how much time you’d like to volunteer, we would like to develop the role in conversation with you. It could be that you are interested in helping to manage a particular platform, or that you are interested in producing a type of content. We aim to recruit several volunteers who will assist in:

  • Building the CPR following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Producing content for platforms.
  • Sharing relevant content across platforms.
  • Editing videos ready for our YouTube page.
You may:
  • Have experience in social media management.
  • Have video production and editing experience.
  • Understand existing pilgrimage networks.
However, the only thing that is required is a commitment to the aims of the CPR and an interest in supporting its digital presence.

Other areas where we need to recruit are marketing and PR, and fundraising.
But whatever your skills and interests, however much time you can give us, your help would be most welcome.

Please get in touch and offer us what you can. You can reply directly to this email, or to cprsecretary@pilgrimstorome.org.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes from,

The Board of Trustees
Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome


Marketing Lead

The CPR is looking for a trustee with marketing expertise.

Full description for Marketing Lead role: CPR Trustee Marketing 2020


Fundraising Lead

The CPR is looking for a trustee with fundraising expertise.

Full description for Fundraising Lead: CPR Trustee FR


Volunteer Support Roles

If you would be interested in volunteering for the CPR, we have on-going opportunities including organising socials, answering pilgrim questions via email or on Zoom chats, contributing to our newsletters etc…  please contact info@pilgrimstorome.org.uk to find out how you can give back to the pilgrim community.