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Former CPR trustees publishes book on Sigeric’s journey

Former CPR trustee, Cee Weston-Baker, has just seen her book on two journeys to Rome published. the book describes a fictionalised account of Archbishop Sigeric’s journey to Rome to collect his pallium in 990AD, and her own more recent exploration of the Via Francigena. • “Sigeric and his journey to Rome: The Via Francigena, 990AD.…

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Annual Conference part 1 recording

Part 1 of our 2021 Annual Conference was a Practical Pilgrim session with panelists CPR trustees Brian Mooney and David Matthews, and CPR member and Via Francigena veteran Vicky Williamson from New Zealand. It was a great evening, ably facilitated by CPR member Victoria Field, with our 59 attendees queuing up to ask questions. For…

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