Pilgrims walking on the Via Francigena

A Packing List

Suggested Packing List

One of our members, Vicky Williamson from New Zealand, has provided a packing list from her experience on the Via Francigena. Everyone’s preferences are different, but this a helpful base.

Packing List in 35L Backpack

  • 1 waterproof backpack liner
  • 1 waterproof backpack cover
  • 1 sleeping bag – 650gms
  • 1 silk sleeping bag liner
  • 1 X 2L water bladder
  • 3prs knickers
  • 2 bras
  • 1 pr running shorts – sleeping (with 1 walking shirt)
  • 2 walking t-shirts (I use my running shirts)
  • *1 Icebreaker short-sleeve shirt (merino)
  • *1 pr floppy pants (evening)
  • 1 long sleeve Icebreaker top (or polyprop top)
  • 1 pr walking pants – zip off lower legs
  • 1 pr walking shoes (I prefer Merrell)
  • 3 prs Injinji socks
  • 1 pr light shoes for evening
  • 1 pr sandals for shower
  • 1 microfibre zip front jacket – optional
  • 1 waterproof seam-sealed jacket
  • 1 pr waterproof overtrousers
  • 1 wide brimmed sun hat (Huxley Creek)
  • Sunglasses and reading glasses
  • 1 bungee cord style elastic clothes line
  • 4 large safety pins
  • 1 flat disc rubber plug
  • 1 cake Sunlight soap for body, hair and clothes
  • Toiletries as desired in waterproof toilet bag
  • Microfibre towel 90cm X 50cm
  • 1 pack of Compeed
  • 1 roll of smooth medical tape, no dressing, for hot spots on feet
  • Mug and plate – collapsible – Sea to Summit brand
  • Small holder containing plastic cutlery – Sistema
  • 1 X 200ml lidded tub for eating muesli
  • 1 small sharp knife bought on arrival
  • 1 pack of muesli for breakfast.
  • Charger, adaptors and cords as necessary for devices
  • Carabiners – optional
  • Small whistle attached to backpack (emergency)
  • Small tin of small sweets in backpack waistband front pocket
  • Pack of tissues
  • Zip loc bags + spare plastic bags for rubbish, etc.
  • Journal and pens
  • Tablet/Kindle
  • ‘Phone
  • Suunto watch
  • 1 headlamp/torch
  • RoadID* on my wrist
  • 1 black satchel holding my passport, money, ‘phone, tablet, sunglasses and carried on my front as shown in photo.

There is no need to take large quantities of toiletries because shops exist along most pilgrim trails.

With 1.5L of water in the bladder in my backpack it comes to just under 8kgs in total.  I weigh 50kgs so my clothes are smaller than average but there is no way I can get it down to the recommended 10% of body weight!

I put 1 bra and 1 pr knickers in a Ziploc bag ready to be taken to the shower in the evening.

I’ve taken a sleeping bag on the three pilgrim trails I’ve walked but I could have coped with just the silk sleeping bag liner.

I noted in the packing list that I wear RoadID on my wrist.  I highly recommend it as a means of ID if you are in a state that you cannot communicate who you are e.g knocked unconscious.  The band contains a lot of information including people to contact in an emergency.  I wear it 24/7 when I’m overseas and every Sunday for my long training run.

On mine I have my name, Auckland, New Zealand, my husband’s name, relationship to me and mobile number, by daughter’s name, relationship and mobile number, that I have no allergies and my blood group.  I have the silicon band.

The website is www.roadid.com