Pilgrims walking on the Via Francigena

Other pilgrim organisations

FFVF The Fédération Française de la Via Francigena

This is a not-for-profit umbrella group, uniting local pilgrim associations which represent more than 3000 volunteers covering 36 French départements. CPR signed a formal agreement with the FFVF in December 2019, whereby the CPR would translate and sell the booklet “Accommodation and Facilities” (on the BF in France) which is updated every year.

LINK to shop: www.ffvf.fr

EAVF/AEVF the European Association of the Vie Francigene

In 2001 the EAVF came into being, and was certified by the Council of Europe as a carrier network of the Via Francigena Cultural Route in 2007. It unites 179 local authorities and 60 non-profit organizations in England, France, Switzerland and Italy as well as more than 300 private stakeholders in hospitality and tourism sectors. The Association actively works on protection and enhancement of the whole European stretch and promotion of the European values of intercultural dialogue, understanding and highlighting of common to Europe heritage. In 2019 it merged with the Swiss AIVF (Association Internationale de la Via Francigena).


The British Pilgrimage Trust

The British Pilgrimage Trust was formed in 2014 as a charity dedicated to renewing pilgrimage in Britain (Charity No. 1176045), and re-formed as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2017 (Regd. 1176045). Their core goal is to “advance British pilgrimage as a form of cultural heritage that promotes holistic wellbeing, for the public benefit.”


The European Green Pilgrimage Network

The European Green Pilgrimage Network (EGPN) is a faith-led network of pilgrim places, pathways and cities in Europe that are committed to promoting green, or environmentally friendly, pilgrimage. Its vision is that pilgrims leave a positive footprint on the earth, and that pilgrim places become models of care for the environment. 


Green Pilgrimage Project (Interreg Europe)

The Green Pilgrimage (GP) project aims to show how growth and development policies can economically exploit and protect natural and cultural heritage. Key to this is their focus on the power of pilgrimage- recognised today as one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry.


Kent Downs

The Kent Downs Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Unit works with a host of organisations and partners to deliver a variety of projects and schemes across the Kent Downs AONB. The Unit is employed by Kent County Council.


East Anglian Pilgrimage Network

Pilgrimage in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Essex,


Pilgrim Ways

Establishing pilgrim routes in each of the Catholic Dioceses of England and Wales. The Pilgrim Ways start at the cathedral of the diocese and end at a shrine within the diocese. The routes take in the Catholic parish churches along the Way and places of relevant historical interest. They are off-road as much as possible and incorporate existing pilgrim routes and long-distance footpaths.


Dutch Association of Pilgrims to Rome

The group was formed in October 2007.  Dutch pilgrims cross the Channel constitute a large proportion of those who walk to Rome. The website is in Dutch.


Amis de la Via Francigena en Belgique

The Belgian Via Francigena association is volunteer-run, and aims to promote the VF and help pilgrims to start from a place of departure in Belgium. They provide information on the route, accommodation, guides etc, and provide the pilgrim credential.


American Pilgrims to Italy

American Pilgrims to Italy (API), founded 2017, helps American and other pilgrims enjoy Italian pilgrimage walks by providing information, credentials and community. A non-profit organisation.


Italian Confraternity of Saint James

A group devoted to people making a pilgrimage to Rome and which provides a pilgrim hostel in Rome – credential required.


Camino Pilgrim – the Confraternity of St James (CSJ)

Many pilgrims to Rome “graduate” from the Caminos of Spain and Europe to the Via Francigena, and owe a great deal to their pilgrim formation with the CSJ. Founded in 1983, they promote the Camino routes, and give guidance and advice to pilgrims, much of which is also applicable to the VF as well. Their London office at 27A Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NY (tel: [+44] (0)20 7928 9988) also houses the CPR’s own library.


Associazione Amici della Via Francigena Viterbo

The association welcomes pilgrims at its operational headquarters at the Ospitale del Pellegrino, located in the historic centre of Viterbo. They provide pilgrims with spiritual assistance as well as material, historical and logistical information. Upon request, they will stamp credentials with a wax stamp, the only ones to do so on the route. Locally, they promote the Francigena through events and information.