Pilgrims walking on the Via Francigena

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Membership TypeLengthPrice
Individual1 year£27
Individual3 Years£54
Joint *1 year£38
Joint *3 Years£76
* Two people at the same address

About Our Membership

The Confraternity is a membership organisation, it depends on the subscriptions of those members to continue its work in supporting pilgrims and promoting the Via Francigena. By becoming a member you are joining an international community of pilgrims, connected by the Francigena.

On joining, members are issued with a credential, a self-adhesive cloth badge, the most recent copy of our annual magazine and our brochure. Joint memberships include two credentials and two badges. New members are now offered the choice of our 80 stamp fold-out credential or our 164 stamp booklet credential. You can read more about the importance of the credential here. Our badge identifies you as a pilgrim whilst you are making your journey, as well as being a memento when you have returned.

Worldwide postage of the membership pack is included in the fee.

As long as your membership continues, you will receive our regular e-newsletter and magazine, and on renewal you are welcome to request a new badge and credential. Members are encouraged to attend the Annual Conference which takes place every spring in London and other events during the year to engage with stakeholders and groups involved in the Via Francigena.  

The CPR keeps a list of members who have completed pilgrim journeys to Rome. Making a pilgrimage to Rome on foot or saddle, for whatever reason, is a special achievement, and members are encouraged to share their experiences on their return and to inspire and assist those who wish to follow them.

There is no joining fee. For one and three-year membership subscriptions, membership begins on the date of purchase and expires one or three years from that date.

For all membership queries, and to update your details, please contact membershipsecretary@pilgrimstorome.org.uk.