Pilgrims walking on the Via Francigena

CPR Volunteer Network

The Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome is a largely a volunteer-led and volunteer-run organisation.

One of Pilgrims to Rome’s principal aims is to create a community in which members feel they are part of something over and above a means of getting a credential, a badge and information, and in which they are able to give as well as to receive.

One means of doing this is to create efficient pathways for the dissemination of information to which members themselves contribute (print journal, e-newsletters, writing information for the website). We have volunteers in North America, Australia and New Zealand who can mentor potential pilgrims, answer questions, and send out information packs. If you feel you could do this in your country or region please get in touch with info@pilgrimstorome.org.uk.

Another is to hold social get-togethers where information and memories can be shared. We already hold these in London and Canterbury¬†and want to extend these to other areas of the UK and elsewhere. For this we need our members’ help. Why not email events@pilgrimstorome.org.uk and suggest getting together in a pub one evening. We can contact other members in your area and put them in touch.

And of course, our Annual Meeting and Members’ Conference in London is a great place to meet and bond with fellow pilgrims.