Pilgrims walking on the Via Francigena

Lightfoot Guide to the Via Francigena – Gt. St. Bernard Pass to Rome


LightFoot Guide – The Gt. St. Bernard Pass to Rome

Paul Chinn and Babette Gallard, 2024 (9th) Edition

Compact paperback, Full colour, 221 pages

ISBN: 978-2-91718-341-0-1-1


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The 9th Edition of the Lightfoot Guide to the via Francigena describes the official route from  the summit of the Great Saint Bernard Pass to Saint Peter’s Square – Rome. With the very latest trail and accommodation information the book will lead you safely through this challenging journey.

There is no right way to make a journey as challenging as this.  This book will provide you with the resources to enjoy doing it your way.

In addition to the detailed descriptions of 42 stages covering the 1028 kilometres of the official route, the guide also provides dozens of alternatives including the Via Francigena Montagna or Via degli Abati. As a result you can reduce your walking distance, follow more closely the historic route or enjoy more of the dramatic Apennine landscape. Accommodation is listed along the entire route with a full range of prices and types.

You will have the freedom to make the journey your way.

Also available as an ebook.

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