Accommodation List

The CPR Accommodation List for the sections Canterbury to the Swiss border was updated in December 2018 and is now available to download.  The Swiss border to Rome lists were up-to-date as of August 2019.

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Part 1 Canterbury-to-Cessières (click to download pdf)


Part 2 Laon-to-Châteauvillain (click to download pdf)


Part 3 Richebourg-to-Les-Echampés (click to download pdf)


Switzerland accommodation list (click to download pdf)



 Italy part 1 St Rhemy to Berceto  (click to download pdf)

Italy part 2 Montelungo to Isola d’Arbia  (click to download pdf)

list Italy part 3 Monteroni d’Arbia to Rome (click to download pdf)



Via Francigena of the South

Excel list of accommodation provided by Tim Redmond