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How to save time and distance on the Via Francigena

If you are worried about overstaying the Schengen 90-day restriction, Paul Chinn, author of the Lightfoot Guides, has solutions for saving both time and distance. Here he explains why today’s Via Francigena is so much longer than the route probably taken by Sigeric in 990, and how you can shorten it. Archbishop  Sigeric completed his…

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We are actively seeking a new chair of the CPR board

Our current chair, Carlo Laurenzi, writes: “I shall be stepping down as chair of the board of trustees in 2023, having served in the role for three years, and before that a year as vice-chair. Consequently, we are now actively seeking a successor. It’s a busy and pro-active role, taking the equivalent of about a…

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Calendasco throws a party for the Confraternity

The Commune of Calendasco threw a party in late September for the Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome to thank its members for helping Danilo Parisi buy a new launch for his River Po ferry. Vice-Chair Brian Mooney and his wife Gail represented the Confraternity, and were fêted with a concert of violin, drum, flute and…

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Why is a walking pilgrimage so addictive?

Why do they do it? What is the lure of walking or cycling thousands of kilometres, braving rain, snow, wind and burning heat? Why is modern pilgrimage so addictive? These are some of the questions you can put to a panel of seasoned pilgrims in Dover on Saturday 24 September. The Practical Pilgrim workshops at…

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What relevance does pilgrimage have today?

What relevance does pilgrimage have in the 21st century? Why do labyrinths continue to have a place in our cultural thinking? Why does the sacred still resonate today? These and other issues will be explored in this joint event organised by CCCU and CPR, delivered as part of the 2022 Kent Pilgrimage Festival. Speakers will…

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Pilgrim taster walks galore at the Kent Pilgrims Festival!

The Kent Pilgrims Festival offers plenty of tasters  in this beautiful county for the walking pilgrim. There is something for everyone, from the 31km Via Francigena Canterbury to Dover to a fully-accessible walk for unpaid carers and those they care for. Book now on the festival website 21 September: Ashford’s Old Way. Appledore to…

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