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What relevance does pilgrimage have today?

What relevance does pilgrimage have in the 21st century? Why do labyrinths continue to have a place in our cultural thinking? Why does the sacred still resonate today? These and other issues will be explored in this joint event organised by CCCU and CPR, delivered as part of the 2022 Kent Pilgrimage Festival.

Speakers will include Guy Hayward of the British Pilgrimage Trust, Neil McCollum of English Heritage, Sheila Sweetinburgh of the University of Kent, Canon Emma Pennington, Leopoldo Porcelloni, Ralph Norman, Jane Lovell, and Chris Daniel. Register for this free Pilgrimage Symposium, which will take place at Canterbury Christ Church University on Tuesday 21 September.


9:30 Coffee

10:00 Formal Welcome Vice Chancellor

10:15 Welcome – Neil McCollum English Heritage

10:30 Literary and film pilgrimage – Jane Lovell and Carolyn Oulton

11:00 Reverse Pilgrimage – Ralph Norman

11:30 What is Pilgrimage – Dr Guy Hayward

12:00 Lunch and networking

13:00 21st Century Pilgrimage – Cannon Emma Pennington

13:30 Psychology of tourism and the VF Leonardo Porcelloni

14:00 Labyrinths – Canon Emma Pennington, Chris Daniel

14:30 Medieval Pilgrimage – Sheila Sweetinburgh

15:00 Closing remarks

15:10 Finish